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Cardamom Orange Grand Marnier Ice Cream

April 22, 2011

I’m on a new health kick, trying to live a balanced life.  I went to the gym yesterday so I made ice cream.  I walked to the ferry building today so I bought two pounds of ricotta.  Plus, I heard on ABC News yesterday that if you consume a high fat diet you can vastly reduce seizures (great news for my dog Roxy and her bowl-licking penchant). Continue Reading…

Pâte de Fruit: Fruit Jellies

December 1, 2010

Chewing on some gummy bears at the theater, I thought of the perfect use of a tub of leftover raspberry puree.  In culinary school we made Pâte de Fruit (PAHT duh-FWEE), little square fruit jellies.  Pâte de Fruit translates from French to “fruit paste.” Continue Reading…

Food Event

A Belated Sugar Rush Recap

November 18, 2010

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I eagerly await Sugar Rush, Spark’s annual pastry event, every year ever since I organized it the first year!  This year didn’t fail to impress with a lineup of pastry heavyweights.  Boulevard’s Jessica Sullivan plated a persimmon pudding cake topped with an apple terrine and a pomegranate persimmon salad.  The creme fraiche quenelle was a perfect accompaniment. My other favorite was Coi’s white chocolate sous vide parfait on a crisp layer of feuilletine topped with huckleberries and fennel. Continue Reading…